Update your resume. Learn how to use your cloud services to keep it up to date across any devices you will need to access it from.


I recommend looking at the following sites if you plan to search for a new job. Remember, under Maryland unemployment there are requirements to apply for a minimum of three new jobs every week. Once Maryland puts this requirement back in place, you should make sure you have everything you need in place.


Many of the job sites work best on a desktop or laptop when it comes to applying. A few employers will accept applications directly through a job search portal, many of the application portals do not work very well in mobile mode or even on mobile browsers.

I use the job sites mobile Apps to keep tabs on things, and a computer to submit applications. This is something most of you will figure out on your own as to which ways work best for you.


Everything you need is free to access. A few sites try to sell resume building services, or other services. I have not needed to use those services. MWE has links to plenty of free services anyways.


Maryland Workforce Exchange  https://mwejobs.maryland.gov/vosnet/Default.aspx, where you will be documenting your work searches on your Work search Log, will provide job recommendations, as well as lots of free services.


The work search waiver is still in effect, and will remain in effect until 30 days past the cessation of the state of emergency. Please seee this press release for details.


That said, you can advance the work search log by following these instructions:

If the system gives you a date to enter your work search contacts and the date does not pertain to you because you did not apply for Unemployment Insurance during that time, you can bypass that week by doing the following:

At the BLANK / EMPTY Work Search Verification  screen – scroll to the bottom and click on “cancel” – on the next screen at the section (Additional Job Contacts) Did you apply for job or contact other employers during the week beginning xxxxx and ending xxxxx – choose “no” –click “next” – an alert pops up regarding confirmation – click “ok” – another alert pops up – click “ok” again – at the next screen – put a check mark in the box to acknowledge and click “next” – the next screen will ask if you wish to enter for the week of xxx to xxx – click “Yes to continue. It may give the following week. If that week is still not your correct week you will just have to repeat the steps until your correct week displays.

Please make sure that you pay attention to the week the system displays. If you bypass your correct week using the steps above it cannot be reset  


Each of the following sites may be useful. For some categories, employers prefer to search for resumes of prospective employees and other categories they wait to receive applications. A few sites, search multiple job sites and provide links. Some only allow searches if you join. Google has a built in Job Search.



Career Builder



Dice caters to Tech jobs

Linkedin is where you network. It takes work to create a good profile here. I have found a lot of inspiration here. The jobs listed here will probably also be listed on one of the sites mentioned above.

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